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Aquarius New Moon Love Song

It is fashionable to be enraptured with Nature these days. I feel guilty for not spending enough time being delighted by the miracles of snow on the surrounding mountains, wild geese traveling in pairs overhead, the birds eating midwinter apples on the ground. But the Aquarius New Moon—and Jupiter’s exuberant leap into Aquarius, where he’ll reign for all of 2009—have inspired me towards something much less fashionable. Aquarius rules technology and I am moved now to sing its praises. I give thanks to all those quiet angels who uncomplainingly charge my world with magic. In the time a bird drinks from my fountain, invisible hands bring a movie to my iPod, download six new books to my Kindle. I can hold them all in my palm! Daily my robot vacuum cleans my floors. And the minute I wonder about anything, Google has the answer. I haven’t watched a commercial or worried about when a TV show airs in years. My DVR faithfully records what I want and lets me watch it when I want. Even when Mercury retrograde sent my fifteen-year-old television set to the dump this month, just one day later the internet brought me a new one—at the lowest price available! I couldn’t have imagined living my life this way twelve years ago, when Jupiter was last in Aquarius. It’s difficult remembering when the computer wasn’t a part of everything I do, though it wasn’t till 1997 that the internet really bloomed.

Of course there’s more to Aquarius than technology. This sign is wild, unconventional and unpredictable, also progressive and humanitarian. Too it’s the rising sign of our new Blackberry-loving president. May Jupiter bless him and you and me this year!

Pluto in Capricorn Speaks!

“Tell truth to power” is a currently popular phrase. But shouldn’t power also tell the truth to us? Astrologers believe that Pluto, despite his demotion by astronomers, is the planet of power. Pluto’s recent move into Capricorn decrees which truths our leaders should be telling us. I doubt that President Obama consults astrologers; even so, it’s clear that Pluto muscled his way into Obama’s inauguration speech, with its winter of hardships, its icy rivers and stormy seas.

capt_photo_1232534924653-2-0Though we might have rather danced in celebration, at his inauguration Obama called us to work. Capricorn keywords and phrases drove his speech along. There were labors and duties. We were exhorted to take responsibility, to build rather than tear down, to hold leadership accountable, to treat others with respect, to embrace history and the sturdy traditions of genius and hard work. Capricorn virtues demand our cultural—and personal—focus now. And anyone scheduled for a Pluto transit in the next few years will do well to immediately start following Obama’s advice:

What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility—a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.

Venus Admiring Orion

Most evenings now, I commune with Venus. She appears at twilight, blinking from the blue sky as though behind a veil, winking coyly. She tells me things. And she listens when I pray to her for blessings. Often we’re silent together. When the sky fully blackens, she blazes bright and sends transmissions that invigorate my too often closed-down heart.

Still, it took awhile to notice that something else was going on. Not without reason does Venus spend so many hours in the night sky now—she who enjoys being dazzled. Look who stands across from her! It’s that bold Hunter with his Dog Star. Arms raised, feet dancing, sword hanging from his belt, Orion exudes such strength and competence. Why wouldn’t a pleasure-loving planet swoon?!

This same admiration was apparent in the nearly two million gleeful faces crowding the streets of Washington DC this week. There were tears of joy around the world. We were all Venus—admiring our own Orion! Isn’t it amazing how thousands of years after the Babylonians searched the sky for their own news, the night stars keep broadcasting our stories.