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Ask the Oracle

I have noticed all of the references to Aquarius and Leo on the website this month and it has led me to wonder what kind of significance this indicates for people who are Aquarians with Leo rising? I was very curious when I read one article referencing our uniting our humanity with creativity. I was wondering if there is a special emphasis on this if one is born with both signs in their personal chart. Especially with the upcoming eclipse. My birth date is February 4, 1964. I am sure everyone sees their own chart as being unique and indeed we are unique but I have always felt confusion over the combination of my Aquarius sun, my Leo rising and my Scorpio moon. I feel as though there is significance to this trio but no astrologer has ever mentioned it as being significant. Just a feeling I have, what do you think? CF

Indeed, we are all unique. You are quite right to sense the power of your fixed sign trio of sun, moon and ascendant, a force to be reckoned with. The recent eclipse in Aquarius/Leo did fall across your ascendant making this a time for you to feel the expansion of your heart, your identity, and your connection to life. We have been experiencing not only the lunar eclipse but also an unusual lineup of planets in Aquarius as we recognize that we are collectively and personally going to have to create a more real, just and humane world for ourselves. Our awareness is ever more attuned to the coming Aquarian Age when we can unite and must unite to recreate a more loving, hospitable world for us all. As an Aquarius sun you are sensitive to this growing Aquarian potential. In addition you were born into the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 1960’s making you naturally aware of the new consciousness that is currently intensifying. Having so many personal planets in fixed signs is challenging but remember that they possesses great strength and purpose. Your Scorpio moon is conjunct Neptune aligning your inner world of feeling with the transpersonal nature of your conscious sun nature and demanding that you do allow yourself to feel, feel deeply, confront your deepest feelings and use your intuition and knowledge to benefit others not to manipulate them for your own needs. Leo rising gives natural warmth, generosity of spirit and open heartedness which is both a balance for your Aquarian intellect and perspective as well as a genuine desire to love and be loved personally.  You are capable of loving individually and collectively yet you do have the responsibility to develop these demanding and sometimes competing aspects of your own nature, then to build both a personal life as well as one that contributes to the amazing times we are living in.

I just read one of the posted questions today and I felt so connected with a woman who was experiencing situations so similar to those in my own life. I have been struggling for 10 years to have a stable, loving, committed, strong, solid and consistent romantic partner but nothing works. All my partners run away after a couple of weeks. This has been very hard for me but I still have some hope that my Prince Charming is coming my way. To be sincere I feel like my better years have passed me by. I was born November 10, 1970 and I recently met a guy who was born on March 13, 1972. What do you think? MF

It does help to feel connected to another person’s experience. We human beings have so many common struggles that are a reflection of our common evolution. Relationships are often very hard since they are based on our expectations, our childhood models, our past relationships which may have been traumatic and the reality that so many of us are still learning how to love ourselves and others. As a Scorpio, which is both a feeling archetype and a relationship sign, you are naturally going to seek a partner who can offer you all the qualities you mentioned. Though you are a Scorpio sun, you also have an Aries moon and Gemini rising revealing that you are an independent, dynamic woman who has needed to experience your own life exploring the world around you. Not only is your moon in Aries but it is opposite Uranus intensifying your individualistic nature and your need for freedom. I suspect that you have not been very aware of these conflicting needs in yourself which are mixed signals that have been drawing in men who are attracted to you but also leave you. I would advise you to step back from your powerful desire to have the relationship you envision and enjoy your strengths and who you have become on your own. From this more relaxed and confident position you will be lighter (as much as a Scorpio can be) and a more confident man will be attracted to you. You were born with Saturn opposite your sun and Venus retrograde indicating that you will find your partner when you are a bit older as you are now and that you will have gone through a number of relationships that did not last to find the one that does. Your progressed Venus is now direct and will soon be back to its birth degree freeing up your future relationships to be successful as long as you are more aware of your own complex needs. This new man is attracted to you, does find you interesting, also has a need for independence and connection and does want to find a committed relationship. Without a birth time for him I am not sure where his moon is and that is critical to assessing his emotional nature but I am sure he is worth your attention. Enjoy him, see what happens when you are more at ease with all of your needs and know that life has definitely not passed you by. In fact, you are only beginning to meet the men who could be the partner you have envisioned now that your Venus is ready for love.

michael-jacksonGifted astrologer Lois Rodden taught that Jupiter–planet of abundance and good fortune–is often involved in death charts, because from the soul’s point of view, death is a liberation, a passport to a new journey. Michael Jackson died just as the sky’s current Jupiter/Neptune conjunction moved into a beneficial trine with Jackson’s natal Jupiter. Jackson was born under a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, which, according to Reinhold Ebertin, can incline one to be a dreamer, a visionary, someone who’s artistically talented, generous, loving, and interested in moulding and shaping things. This combination can also make one idealistic to the point of being unrealistic, easily seduced, someone vulnerable to scandals, or constantly misunderstood by others. I’ve heard Jackson described in all of these ways. But the one thing nobody misunderstood was just how gifted he was–and how blessed we all were to be in a world where Michael danced and sang.

vacationFamily vacation—two words that have long inspired such terror in me, that when I told my 16-year-old son we’d be driving to the IONS conference on global transformation with my partner Robert and his kids, I was shamed by his bright reply: “Oh boy, my first real vacation!” Had I been ruled by my past that long? I remember childhood vacations, trapped in a car made miserable by my parents’ bitter relationship, with my sister and I drawing furious lines in the back seat, “This is my side, don’t cross it!” Every town was a nest of tension, arguments and disappointment as my mother glared, “You’re supposed to be having fun!”

At least that’s how I remember it. Cancer rules the moon, family, and memory, and now, being over fifty years old, I understand that memory is flimsy and unreliable. Who knows what really happened. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about the past that become as durable as the crab’s shell, as confining as a prison. It’s what I keep recalling about family vacations that makes me terrified.

So now I embark anew, having what I lacked as a child: a hard-won ability to break through self-limiting perceptions with fresh awareness. It’s spiritual work to say: “Oh, that was then, it doesn’t have to be true now!” And it hasn’t been. We’ve traveled three days and over 900 miles, two adults trading off at the wheel, with a sixteen-year-old, a seventeen year-old, and a twelve year old in the back seat. We’ve all melted down at least once, but unlike my traumatic past, where wounds festered and joy dissolved, this time, everyone recovers quickly, forgiving and forgetting, and having fun. What a concept! So at this Cancer New Moon, I have a simple yet wonderful thing to celebrate: a summer vacation with my family. May your Cancer cycle begin just as remarkably.

As a counseling astrologer, I’m no fan of celebr-astrology. The celebrities don’t seek my counsel. I know little of their inner natures. Still, when a scandal makes the news, I like to stalk the archetypes–that is, discover the god behind the story. So when David Letterman got into trouble this week and had to apologize for his Sarah Palin jokes, I checked Letterman’s chart. Uranus–god of genius and controversy–is conjoining his Pisces Mercury this year. Uranus is quick and can remove the constraints of decency; with Uranus transits, we’re always warned to slow down and avoid getting carried away with our genius. We may spark a revolution or simply raise the dust, as Letterman did when he joked about Palin in NY, going to Bloomingdale’s to buy slutty flight attendant garb, and Bristol getting knocked up by A-Rod. Poor taste? Sure, but in a media world where Bill O’Reilly can declare that Dr. George Tiller deserves his murder, where a Washington Times Op-Ed accuses Obama of a bait-and-switch akin to Adolf Hitler, and where Rush Limbaugh’s outrages are daily reported, Letterman’s poor taste hardly seems worth talking about.

As I predicted, two little envelopes arrived from Blue Cross this week, announcing what the health insurance rates would be for me and Branden this year: a whopping $1200 more than they were last year! Costs have increased every year since I’ve been self-insured, but this jump is particularly phenomenal, especially since my coverage is so minimal. Branden and I together have a collective deductible of $14,000–in other words this is catastrophic insurance only, a privilege for which we must pay more than $4000 each year. My Oregon senator, Ron Wyden, has a pretty good health care initiative, which I’m praying the health care lobbyists don’t send to oblivion. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford my health insurance premiums when they increase again next year.

white-rosesI’m behind on my spring cleaning; already I know my summer plans are way too ambitious. Still I’m feeling as gay as a character in a Broadway musical. That’s because my roses are in bloom, a sunny choreography of lavender, burgundy, coral, pink, and cream. Their names are like treasures from afar: Pearl Essence, Moon Shadow, Angel Face, Double Delight. Even the solitary Ole beside the garage shouts when I drive up, “Dance a little!” Mornings I bring my books and journal into the middle of it all, but can hardly write or read. My 401K has shrunk to nothing. I can’t afford college for my son. Still, around my roses, I recall the lines from a Mary Oliver poem: In this world I am as rich / as I need to be.

June’s Full Moon has long been called the “Rose Moon”–for obvious reasons.

Compassion is in the news. But it’s hardly in the headlines. You have to hunt for it; it’s an aside, a footnote, something mentioned in the last paragraph. For example, last month when the story broke about thousands of Irish children being beaten, raped, and routinely humiliated in Catholic reform schools, we learned many heart-breaking details of their abuse. We also briefly heard about the impact of kindness—how profoundly small acts of encouragement, sympathy or understanding had affected some of the victims. Meanwhile in the US, the conversation about torture continues. Amidst calls to release more memos, or those horrific photos, in between the debate about what one should do with a captive terrorist holding knowledge of a ticking bomb, and the sham outrage about what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it, there is usually a sentence or two acknowledging torture simply doesn’t work. What actually makes a prisoner divulge his secrets is compassion: being treated with sympathy and respect. Chiron rules our pain. Neptune rules compassion. Jupiter, now conjunct both in humanitarian Aquarius, has the power to make whatever it touches grow bigger. Why hasn’t our conversation about compassion grown bigger? Sadly, the power of kindness remains just a nice spiritual thought, instead of what it needs to be: the outcry of a new national conscience.