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Jupiter Uranus JuJu

27409I’m dancing as fast as I can. In fact I tripped and slammed into the stone steps leading up to my house the other day, surprised I didn’t shatter my knee. I’m feeling fragile, over-stretched, and under-prepared these days. Most everyone I meet feels the same way—as though we’re already caught in the undertow of the coming eclipses and that big cardinal square between Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The instability of the times is palpable. Even so, I’d like to wring a little good luck out of the first of these aspects, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 0 Aries, exact on June 8.

Jupiter and Uranus are an inspiring pair. Together they bring brilliance and breakthroughs. Their conjunctions, occurring every fourteen years, coincide with discoveries, great forward leaps, as well as challenge and unrest. This year’s conjunction is particularly significant as 0 Aries is the most sensitive degree in the world’s chart. Jupiter/Uranus last conjoined at 0 Libra (the degree opposite 0 Aries) in the summer of 1969. It was the summer of Woodstock, the Moon landing, anti-war protests, the Manson murders, and the Beatles’ break-up. For most alive at that time, these events are still felt quite personally (an example of the Aries point activation). Woodstock was the ultimate Jupiter/Uranus-in-Libra peace party, but this year the conjunction occurs in Aries, the sign of war. This year’s protestors will likely be more militant, angry, and conservative. Uranus was last in Aries during the rise of fascism in the early thirties.

We don’t have much control over world events, but still, we can work individually with these energies in the highest, most positive way. Find the house in your chart where 0 Aries falls. Do you need a breakthrough here? Now is the time to ask! Before the June 8 conjunction, spend a little time each day tuning into the archetypes of Jupiter and Uranus. Don’t worry whether you’re doing it right. Just tune into their sensations of growth, excitement, and discovery. If you have a problem to solve in this area of life, ask for their help. If you have gifts to offer the world, ask the planetary devas to bring you a significant opportunity. If you want to help the Gulf out of its disastrous oil spill, send your thoughts their way. Or simply get quiet and listen. Jupiter and Uranus may have an important message for you. I’ll be listening, while my feet keep dancing and skittering and probably stumbling.

Mercury Retrograde Bomber

Faisal2When Mercury goes retrograde, for three weeks every four months, communication and machinery break down, and the logical mind goes on vacation. The trickster gums up our thinking so that we find ourselves storing the butter in the dishwasher and dropping our checkbook in the trash. It’s an aggravating time. But the next time we curse this tri-annual event, we should remember this retrograde and Faisal Shazhad, the would-be New York bomber. Despite his college education and terrorist training, he bought the wrong kind of fertilizer, erased one but not all of the auto’s traceable VIN numbers, and left the keys to his house and getaway car in the SUV that was supposed to explode. So even though the hard drive on my computer crashed, my cassette recorder died, and my iPod broke two days after its warranty expired, I’m singing “Thank the gods for Mercury retrograde!”

Mercury stationed retrograde on April 17 and will station direct on May 11.