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The Diamond Planet

It’s too soon to start putting this one in our charts. It’s also over 4,000 light years away. But it’s wonderful to think upon… on this Friday (Venus’ Day) just as Mercury stations direct, we got the news: scientists have discovered a planet made entirely of diamonds. Just think what else is possible!

Venus in the Underworld

We have not seen Venus for weeks. She’s been been traveling with (and hidden by) the Sun. But she’s just now reached the heart of her underworld journey, moving into exact conjunction with the Sun at 23 Leo. What has been happening to her beyond the veil is a mystery. But you can get a sense of her state of mind if you consider what’s been happening in your own life. Your inner Venus is a special jewel in the countless reflections of her journey.

I tend to think of this of this meeting between Sun and Venus (often called their “superior” conjunction) as her coronation. Throughout the months since her “interior” Sun/Venus conjunction, she has been ascending to her throne through seven celestial gates (her monthly conjunctions to the Moon). Now as she receives her crown, you see in your own life a fulfillment of earlier dreams—or a reckoning for hopes dashed or deferred. Either way, you’ve learned a few things about love, creativity, and prosperity. Venus will soon shine as an evening star, becoming a more mature, refined and civilizing influence. May you become so too.

This is the turning point of a Venus cycle that began on October 28, 2010. Do you remember what irritations and pleasures were stirring at that time? Venus was retrograde then and very powerful. If you listened to her, you might see a direct relationship between your current situation and the desires you felt at that time. You may also find some resonance between current events and seeds planted at the last Sun/Venus conjunction near this degree (on August 17, 2007 at 24 Leo). What were you dreaming of then? Is a celebration in order now?

Mars Ignites London

Mars does not play gently. He’s even more outrageous when he’s Out of Bounds (as he’s been since July 24 until August 22). Amongst clients and friends, he’s raised courage and anger: desires won’t be denied! Early this week, when he stepped into the tension of the coming Uranus/Pluto square, he triggered mayhem and shock in several British cities. Along with the riots, he brought yet another glimpse into our likely tumultuous future. When Uranus meets Pluto—seven times over the next four years—the forces for change and revolution will do fierce battle against the powerful status quo.

“Opportunistic criminals,” PM David Cameron called the Twitter-organized looters and arsonists; he vowed to meet their Mars with his: “We will track you down, we will find you, we will charge you, we will punish you. You will pay for what you have done.”

It’s true, there was an extra Lammas-fueled madness in the streets—the Sun had reached fifteen degrees of fixed Leo; the riots coincided with this traditional cross-quarter celebration of the harvest. But what happens when there is no harvest to celebrate? Without a grain goddess to thank, do people ignite shops and steal consumer goods? Not all of the rioters were economically disadvantaged. But when around the world so many able-bodied people are unemployed, when struggling economies continue to make deep cuts to social programs, when the gap grows ever wider between those who have money and power and those who don’t, it’s easy to see that fuses are readying to ignite all over the world. The Uranus/Pluto square will be exact for the first time in the summer of 2012. Oh, just when London hosts the Olympic Games! Mars loves athletic contests. Let’s hope he behaves.