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Ask the Oracle – September 8, 2014

Thank you for taking the time to take questions. I was born July 25, 1982. I’m writing to you because I have been in a waiting game for the love of my life to be released from federal prison for a non-violent, marijuana conviction. He has been sentenced to 22 years. He has filed an appeal and I would like to know how things are looking for us? Thanks for your time. Lots of love to you. (AR)

Unfortunately, the most complete answer Astrology could offer you would require not only your chart but also your love’s chart, the date of his arrest and the date of his trial/sentencing which I don’t have and is beyond the scope of this column. However, we can look at your potential for happiness with the love of your life. It is not surprising to hear that you are and have been facing a shock/loss and tragedy in your love life as transiting Pluto has been opposing your natal Venus, squaring your natal Moon and moving toward a long square to your natal Saturn/Pluto/Mars as transiting Uranus has opposed your Moon, squared your natal Venus and is now opposing your natal Saturn. Wow, this is and has been very painful, unfair and just plain hard. Using the old ruler of Aquarius for your 7th house ruler, Saturn, its natal conjunction to Pluto does indicate the battle you and he are in and will be for a while as both Uranus and Pluto oppose or square your natal Saturn/Pluto which will be some years but nowhere near 22 years, more like 6 or 7 years. I hope his appeal may have been filed recently as transiting Jupiter conjuncted your Sun/Mercury in your 12th house of prison. Or, using the modern ruler of your 7th house, Uranus, the time may be a bit shorter releasing your lover when your solar arc progressed Uranus opposes your natal Venus in 4 years. His chart would confirm the actual time of his imprisonment. After the initial shock of this egregious sentencing for a non-violent crime, it is helpful to know that you, as a Leo, are capable of a true commitment to the one you love and of recognizing the depth of your soul connection (Sun conjunct Mercury in the 12th house). To wait a long time, to stay true to a commitment no matter the cost and to develop the patience to wait never giving up hope does require a strong Saturn which you do have conjunct your Mars/Pluto. You can both wait and fight for love and justice, Moon/Saturn/Pluto/Mars in Libra, the sign of love and justice. Good luck!

I was born October 9, 1988 under a cardinal grand cross (Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron). I’m someone who’s pretty much constantly torn with conflicts. I had to learn many things the hard way through trial and error. Right now I’m in the middle of a transition while I approach my first Saturn Return. I know I’ll be confronted with my fear of committing to a working routine. I have basic needs like anybody else; I crave financial self-sustenance, a family, kids, a husband but this feeling of not belonging anywhere has kept me stuck up to a few years ago. While I’m doing my best now to secure my future (I’m pursuing my University degree), I’m afraid I have already missed many important trains. I know nobody else but me is in charge of my future so no one can predict where I will wind up but I could use some guidance. Sometimes I feel like I’m running after the eternally dangling carrot and nothing I envision seems to manifest. Musically, artistically, financially and academically, I’m also recovering from an incredibly painful breakup (we parted back when Neptune moved into opposition to my natal Venus on March 29, 2014) and it’s like this one wound that will never heal. Mostly because I became aware that no matter how much I try to make myself understood, I speak a different language than most people and I can’t see myself falling in love with someone with whom I can’t connect on a deep spiritual level. Thanks in advance for your precious and appreciated help. (SLE)

You are wise to be aware of your first Saturn Return a full two years before it arrives. If you prepare for your Saturn return, it will mark your arrival into into a life that does begin to feel like you are on the right train on the right track. It is very unlikely that you have missed any important train before your first Saturn Return. Just now, you are in the midst of the transiting Neptune opposition to your natal Venus and square to your natal Jupiter as well as transiting Uranus opposing your natal Sun. Uranus is likely to be the catalyst for your recognition of your being “constantly torn with conflicts” and your being in the middle of a transition; Neptune is certainly the indicator of your recent breakup as well as your feelings of concern regarding your ability/desire to commit to a working routine (Jupiter rules your 6th house of work and routine). Trust your desire to manifest a life with a home, a husband, a family and financial security which is clearly stated by your Sun/Mercury/Pluto in your 4th house of home and family along with your natal Venus in your 2nd house of income and self-sustenance. You do know what you want and need which is just the platform from which you can create what you want. As a Libra Sun with your Moon and Mercury in Libra, a deep love is profoundly important for you in this life. The Neptune loss you have experienced is extraordinarily painful not only due to the actual loss but equally importantly due to the underlying loss of possibility, trust and hope for the future. It is clear from your aspects – progressed Sun conjunct your natal Pluto over the last year, transiting Neptune opposing your natal Venus, and transiting Uranus opposing your Sun – that this relationship was going to end, was an initiation into the knowing you describe about what you truly require in a life partner. Happily, transiting Jupiter has moved across your Ascendant this summer beginning a new chapter of opportunity and possibility in your life; transiting Uranus is clearing your mind bringing understanding and direction; transiting Neptune is guiding you toward your authentic loves creatively and personally; and transiting Uranus is conjunct your Midheaven which is a revelation about and transition into your work for this lifetime. As Saturn is the ruler of your 7th house of marriage, the right timing for your life long relationship is at or after your first Saturn Return by which time, transiting Pluto will square your natal Sun bringing your new, powerful relationship into your life. Supporting that timing is your solar arc progressed Saturn’s arrival at your Descendant, the marriage angle, in 3 years as transiting Pluto nears your Descendant. Using your cardinal cross to focus your considerable energy toward vital, positive, and committed action will bring you the results you seek.

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