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Ask the Oracle – April 15, 2014

Hello, I was born April 1, 1977. My question is: am I able to love in a profound, deep way. I am afraid that as an Aries with Venus in Aries and nothing in the 8th house that I don't have the capacity to give love in a profound way. I am now in a Neptune transit opposite my Moon and I am questioning myself about love, profound, deep love. I had only sad relationships in my 20's, experiencing a lot of suffering. I have now been married for 10 years, a marriage that is calm and rational. Yet, under the current influence of Neptune, I have gone deeply into myself craving to see myself as one capable of deep love. I am afraid I am not capable of this depth of love. Maybe my question is special and childish but I am finding it painful to discover that I am not capable of deep devotion. Thank you. (FI)

Your sincerity and pain are deeply felt; your inquiry into your core is a worthy process during your Neptune transit opposing your natal Moon, which is in your 3rd house inviting you into this deep questioning. It is just right to focus your 3rd house Moon, feelings, into thought and questions yet also to allow Neptune to offer you first this sad, poignant recognition that your loving has not been as profound as you can now desire and imagine. Do know this is the 1st stage of Neptune's invitation into feeling and awareness that is beyond your past human/personality capacity, to now see and feel what is lacking. The 2nd stage is to grow into your soulful capacity to love not from your human ego but from your soulful trust, compassion and opened heart. It was natural and wise for you to move from sad relationships in your 20's to a now calm and stable relationship which has, no doubt, been very healing for you. It is this healing and foundation that makes it possible for you to question yourself, to grow. Certainly, it is more of a challenge to open your heart, to love openly and fully, to risk vulnerability when you have the Sun/Mercury/Venus in Aries, the Moon in Virgo, and Pluto opposing your natal Sun/Venus but there is the emotional challenge and gift Neptune is calling you to open to. 2013 was the 1st stage of your transiting Neptune opposing your natal Sun journey which you have courageously pursued through your questioning and self examination, deep reflection. Now, 2014 is the 2nd stage of your Neptune/Moon journey when you can choose to release your Virgo Moon tendency to self-criticism and enter the heart healing/opening to deeper self love which will naturally extend to others. Your natal Mars in Pisces is highly motivated, even designed to urge you to find and follow the desire to love soulfully, deeply and profoundly. It is not necessary to have planets in the 8th house to love deeply though it is hard not to notice when you don't if you do have planets there. Learning to love is a significant purpose for you in this lifetime as you were born with your natal Venus retrograde. When you were 26 years old, your progressed Venus moved back to direct motion when it began to become possible for you to move from your earlier sad and painful relationships to your current stable relationship. You are currently in the midst of many years of very profound Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits when your heart and your awareness will grow and grow and grow beyond any possibility you can now imagine. Trust your journey and continue to study your chart for guidance.

Will my finances and love life improve anytime soon? I was born July 20, 1950. I am a strong, courageous, spiritually gifted person who practices living from the inside out, knows how to get in touch with herself, is a facilitator of healing and who constantly works on aligning herself with positive vibrations but till now the answers to my questions still elude me. Can you offer me some insights about what is in store for me or what is necessary for me in order to manifest financial abundance and a successful love filled relationship? Many thanks. (JS)

Clearly, you are living the unique, individualized, consciously chosen life you were born to live which is delineated by your natal Sun conjunct Uranus, your natal Moon square Uranus, your natal Mercury conjunct Pluto, your natal Venus conjunct Uranus, your natal Mars conjunct Neptune and your natal Saturn and Moon in the 12thhouse. Your description of yourself is your natural self, your essence expressed in your daily practice of living. With all 3 of the trans-personal planets aspecting personal planets in your birth chart, your life is truly a life chosen and directed by your soul destiny. Your answers are exactly what is unfolding then, now and in the future. Sure, natal Mercury conjunct Pluto wants to know the answers, to know why and knows they are aligned with knowing but Pluto is determined to teach you to listen and follow what is given not ask for answers. Yet it is helpful to know what is being asked by your current transits and progressions. Scorpio is the sign on your 2ndhouse of income which is ruled by Mars/Pluto suggesting that you can only make your living doing what is most true and right for you which you are currently doing. I use the old ruler for mundane matters which means I would look at your income through your natal/progressed Mars and 2ndhouse. Transiting Saturn is now in your 2nd house which it entered in the fall of 2012 and where it will stay until the fall of 2015. This is a time to build income, conserve money, budget well, examine your values and history regarding money and to cease to worry about money. This year transiting Uranus begins a a 2 year opposition to your natal Mars, a time for new sources of income, new work, and a new confidence about what you know and do- its value, your value. As transiting Uranus is also now opposing your natal Neptune, this is a season when you will be given guidance regarding your work, your finances and will likely find some magical opportunities if you are making time to listen and are willing to follow. Your progressed Mars is ending a long quincunx to Venus which should begin to relieve financial pressure and manifest money more easily. Uranus is beckoning you to a relationship experience unlike any you have ever had - transiting Uranus is in your 7th house of relationships where it will soon begin to oppose its own ruler, Mars. With Aries on the cusp of the 7thhouse and the mundane ruler of your 2ndhouse, the Uranus aspects of this year signal dramatic changes and exciting, new opportunities for you in both of the areas you questioned. It is important to really “go for it” this year before transiting Pluto begins to square your Mars/Neptune next year. As long as you allow these new doors to open this year, Pluto will only deepen and challenge your ability to live at this level not compromise it. Life is going to continue to open for you as your progressed Sun moves out of the 12th house over your Ascendantover the next 4 years bringing you the career promised by your 10thhouse Sun. Use this time to devote your energy and attention to your career as transiting Jupiter and Saturn are directing allowing Uranus to surprise you with love and new opportunities!

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