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Ask the Oracle – August 25, 2014

I was born February 7, 1973. When Pluto was squaring Pluto in 2010/2011, I packed up and moved to a place where I didn’t know a soul. Before I left, I ended a very emotionally unhealthy relationship with my mother. After I moved I went to university, met my fiancé and felt I was headed in the right direction (the nature of Pluto square Pluto)! I have been a registered nurse for twenty years and feel burnt out, tired, depleted from the unreal expectations and stress the job now implies. So, when I finished my year at university in 2012, I was looking for a change. However, I have been unable to find a job in this new direction. I have Saturn transiting my 10th house (probably not a good time for a career change) and it has been two years of casual work still as a registered nurse just to keep the funds coming in. Work has been irregular and I have felt very unhappy to still be in this position despite my efforts in another direction. Maybe the move was solely to meet my fiancé? I have tried to remain positive during these last two years but I am starting to feel very directionless and depressed. I feel I have so much life experience with the transformative experiences I’ve been through and living with a chronic condition for most of my life yet I’m unsure which avenue to pursue. My intuition regarding my career has shriveled up and died. I’m sure a brand new path I’m meant to be on but that’s all I get. I am not feeling any clarity at all around my purpose or next direction. I want to be of service. I want to help others. I’ve always felt that desire. I’ve had career guidance counseling twice now with no joy. My dreams haven’t offered any insights either. I feel I’m waiting for a big “ah-ha” moment to occur so I can then pursue something I trust to be right. At present I feel backed into a corner with my only resort being back to nursing which seems like the antithesis to a fulfilling career for me now. I am not financially secure at present my options seem very limited. My fiancé is very supportive but I feel uncomfortable with the prospect of him having to support me financially as I have always been so independent and I do want to support myself. I feel that I do have a purpose and freedom; a true Aquarian in that regard! I would love some Astrological perspective on my career dark night of the soul. With warm regards. (JH)

Change, risk and courage guided your 2010/2011 journey to ending your unhealthy relationship with your mother (natal Moon opposite Pluto triggered by transiting Uranus and Pluto), to moving to a completely unknown area and to studying for a new career direction. Your new direction was validated not only by your deepest guidance but also by meeting your fiancé and by your university study, so where is your new work? Pluto was a catalyst for your courageous journey to a new life, however, it was Uranus who guided you forward as it conjuncted your natal Moon and opposed your natal Pluto in 2010/2011. Over the next two years as transiting Uranus moves to oppose your natal Uranus in your 9th house of purpose and meaning, you will fully know your new direction and be ready and able to begin your new career. Currently, transiting Pluto is quincunx your natal Saturn (your chart ruler) describing your depression and frustration with your limited options. Yes, transiting Saturn is in your 10th house of career, however, this implies some delay or difficulty making the change you have been guided to and prepared yourself for; it does not imply finding no job in your new direction. The “ah-ha” moment will come as Uranus moves forward, Pluto releases its hold on your 5th house Saturn and transiting Jupiter moves toward your Midheaven. Not only is your Sun in Aquarius but your Mercury and Venus are also in Aquarius influencing your 2nd house of values, income and self-esteem clearly stating your core need for independence and freedom. Yet, even an Aquarian can benefit from surrendering to “what is” at this moment which is no job in your new direction and a profound desire not to go back to your old, unsatisfying work. You have a supportive fiancé who is willing to support you during this transitional time which would be the final transformation of your natal Moon/Pluto opposition – releasing your unhealthy relationship with your mother has been gaining freedom, while falling in love with and opening to support from your fiancé is freedom, a new, untried freedom. Transiting Jupiter is currently in your 7th house of partnership and will soon enter your 8th house of financial support/receiving where your natal Pluto is beckoning. If you say “yes” to gracefully accepting a time to be creative without the pressure of finding work, you will be bowing to your 5th house Saturn preparing yourself for your progressed Moon meeting your natal Uranus in the 9th house in 1-3 months when “ah-ha” guidance will begin even though your new work direction may change or take some time to initiate. In the meantime, another question arises from your 5th house Saturn, are you planning on or interested in having children? If so, now is the time. If not, use this time to write, journal, paint, learn an instrument or follow whatever creative impulse may arise which will ease your depression and inform your direction. Your journey to the truest freedom continues to surprise.

I am writing to you as I’ve been at a crossroads for many years. I had a challenging time at school and feel it has hindered my confidence ever since. I am unsure which path to take. I’ve tried various jobs – admin, journalist, teaching English as a foreign language – but nothing has felt right to me. I did try fiction writing, however, I have given up after a few years of trying. Things are difficult financially and I was wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Is Saturn, the planet of limitation, at play here? And, will I have to persevere for much longer? I’ve been exploring my spiritual side which has been a comfort during these difficult times. My birthday is July 7, 1976. Thank you very much for your help. (ML)

Yes, transiting Saturn is at play in your life as it moves through your 10th house of career for another year, however, you were born with Capricorn rising (Saturn ruled) and a natal Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunct Saturn making your life a Saturnian journey. While we often think of a Saturn life as a difficult one, a slow slog in cement shoes composed mostly of struggle with little reward, this is more of a stereotype than a reality. Sure, Saturn asks or demands a great deal of work, effort, patience, dedication and willingness to persevere toward a worthy goal but it also provides well deserved strength, determination, conscience, integrity, and ultimately a success that has a solid, lasting foundation with a reputation to match. Let’s look at the purpose of your 9th house (higher education) Uranus and Pluto which clearly describe the lack of relevance of school for your ultimate life goal. School is not structured to develop your Uranus guided individuality, your questioning mind or your Pluto demand for the truest truth. In our current world, difficulty at school does impact one’s sense of intelligence, worth and value to the world yet it could not provide the platform to develop or nurture what you can know, create, discover or imagine. Note that your jobs have mostly been Mercury oriented jobs – teaching, journalism, and writing – utilizing your natal Mercury conjunction to your Sun/Saturn/Venus, your natural interest and skills. The admin jobs utilize your natal Mars in Virgo which co-rules your 10th house of career, however, with your Mars in the 8th house they have not provided the depth or impact you both need and desire in order to remain engaged. Now that transiting Jupiter has moved into your Leo Sun sign, life should become a less difficult and a bit more encouraging. Yet transiting Neptune is or has recently been quincunxing your natal Sun/Saturn seemingly confusing your ability to make solid Saturn decisions leading to predictable results. Neptune has its own process which is neither mentally logical nor apparently practical, however, magic/synchronicity/imagination/intuitive guidance are far more powerful than Saturn slogging. This is a difficult time in the world as we have been living with Uranus squaring Pluto for a number of years which for you has meant transiting Uranus trining your Leo planets as transiting Pluto has conjuncted your Capricorn Ascendant, opposed your Descendant and Moon, quincunxed your Sun/Saturn and now your Mercury/Venus conjunction as it also squared your Pluto. Ouch, this level of challenge, intensity and frustration will not be repeated and is leading you to the confidence and direction you seek. No work will satisfy you unless it is what your soul demands, your 9th house purpose so all this difficulty has led you to turn to your spiritual side, to surrender and to listening. Just where you need to be! With half of your natal planets in your 7th house and Jupiter highlighting them last year and this year, how about time for a relationship? An admin job with an individual or organization doing something you either want to learn about or serve will fulfill Saturn’s remaining time in your 10th house and bring in needed income. Over the next 1-2 years, your progressed Sun will conjunct your natal Mars by which time you will be doing what you are here to do; in 3 years, transiting Jupiter will conjunct your Midheaven, career angle enhancing your position and success; and your progressed Moon will conjunct your Ascendant in 2 years beginning a new chapter of personal and career fulfillment. Your 40’s will be very different from your 20’s and 30’s as Saturn begins to deliver. Your job is to continue to develop your 9th house Pluto awareness opening to trust which will transform your relationship with Saturn.

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