Call and Response Sagittarius New Moon

It’s another new moon: when the magically minded make wishes and astrologers attempt to divine this cycle’s intentions. The wishes you make now may indeed be super-powered, but if you don’t have a strong relationship with the archetypes, don’t expect special favors. New Moons are potent times to forge alliances with the gods. Make an offering. Humans have been rendezvousing with these archetypes for thousands of years. When you call out to the gods, they do respond!

Calling Sagittarius

The challenges of last month’s Scorpio cycle were meant to strengthen your capacities for patience, perseverance and resilience. Perhaps you were reminded of your strength. You do know how to put one foot in front of the other and survive. But Sagittarius plays an entirely different game. Even if your work this month is similar, you’re meant to take it to a higher plane. In this expansive, Jupiter-ruled cycle, seek out the people, places, and texts that open your mind and get you excited about the future again. What questions have you been pondering? Where have you felt stuck? Surrender to Sagittarius and the Centaur will reward you. Now is the time to shift perspective, expand your horizons, and let your life become adventurous again!

Yippee. More items to add to your to-do list. Don’t worry. Opening to the adventurous Sagittarian deva is fun—like racing a horse across green pastures, giddy with the joy of movement. Sagittarian energy is big, buoyant, generous, and prosperous. Its concerns are honesty and wisdom. To attract the Centaur, assemble the following transcendent ingredients: Time and space to roam, a hunger for truth, the certainty that life means something.

Next: Ascend. Beam up. Climb the highest hill or building in your town, scan the horizon, let your lungs fill with fresh air, relax in this wide space. Or imagine you’re floating on the wings of an eagle, looking down on your world. Look again at whatever experiences may be challenging you. From this perspective, your luck can improve. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, lay back with open arms and shout “Take me, Sagittarius!” If this makes you weep with joy, you got the connection!

Or visit a university library. Preferably a big one. Walk through the book stacks with a quiet mind at a leisurely pace. Stop whenever you feel like it. Take a random book from the shelf and read a paragraph. Keep moving. Read the thoughts of more thinkers whenever intuition directs. Then go outside and commune with the horizon. Enjoy an exotic foreign drink when you’re done.

Or recite your gratitudes. Being thankful alters the mind much like reading books or sitting in higher spaces. It’s a powerful form of prayer. Make it a practice to list your daily gratitudes for 21 days and your world will transform. It’s not what you’re grateful for that makes the magic–it’s just the juice of gratitude itself. Thank the anonymous hands who built your house, who planted the trees on your street, who sat in a factory and made your shoes, for everything and everyone who brought you where you are today.

And finally, if you’re not feeling buoyant enough yet, buy some helium-filled balloons. Take them for a walk in the park, not knowing when the moment will come when you’re inspired to let them go, just so you can watch them sail into the sky and disappear. Of course, you’re always free to innovate. In whatever way you choose, at the Sag New Moon, call in the spirit of this expansive and prosperous sign.

Sagittarius’s Response

Waiting for the response is the fun part. No way can I predict it for you. But in the next few days or even weeks, keep your eye out for Sagittarian visits. You might receive a surprise gift. Maybe an opportunity to travel. If you have an urgent question, you’ll likely receive a wise answer. Or a flash mob could suddenly sing the Hallelujah chorus in your local food court. A stranger may say your name with such a delightful foreign accent, it transports you to the other side of the world. The Sagittarius Centaur could arrive as a belly laugh, big and warm as Zeus. Or maybe it just hits you—that you’re in falling love with your life all over again. However the Centaur appears, let the meaning of the visit touch you deeply.

If you’d like to explore the archetypes in even greater depth, if you like to journal and/or muse on the positions of the Sun and Moon, you may enjoy my enrolling in my Moon workshop (by snail-mail or email). It’s designed to deepen your relationship with the guardians of natural time, the Sun, the Moon, and the zodiac.

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About Dana Gerhardt

A popular columnist with The Mountain Astrologer since 1991, Dana Gerhardt is an internationally respected astrologer. She has lectured extensively and written for astrology publications on several continents. Her ongoing passions are the moon and living the intuitive life. Dana worked for many years in the corporate sector, where she observed the undeniable influence of natural cycles. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles and did graduate work in literature at Columbia University and CSULA. Dana can be contacted by email.


  1. luke phillips says:

    Dana, Thanx for your ‘Sadge” advice. I would not have come up with the ‘ascend’ part, so that’s most appreciated. While I’m a Moonchild, I have Jupiter in Aries on
    tha Midheaven, an aspect for which I’ve become very grateful. I feel the greatest affinity, as I’m reaching out, with expansive fire energy. A good balancing contrast
    to my Double Cancer chart, no doubt.
    Rest assured, I’m gonna go all out in shouting out to the Archer archetype to set me on the path to my adventure in the musical realm. You rock, Luke

    p.s. I can’t figure out how to find your archive of past Moon essays … can you clue me in?

    • Cancer and Sadge aren’t the comfiest energies to blend, but they can help each other quite a bit. As for the archive, we the articles in the “Moon Astrology” section, but we tend to recycle material rather than archive everything posted. Anything you’ve enjoyed, will probably come around again!

  2. Prudence Parker says:

    Hi Dana,
    I’ve been devoted to your words and ideas for years. In fact the first time I heard you speak was in Del Mar California in the mid 90’s. Thank you so much for all your inspiration.
    Because I know you have many followers I’d like to send you a web site to look at and maybe share. It’s called
    It’s an eye opener.
    Thanks again Dana. I’m going back to Mooncircles for more inspiration.

    • That was a long time ago! I still do remember that day. And thank you for educating me on balloon etiquette–as in, don’t sail them anywhere, except in imagination!

  3. marie-françoise says:

    Hi Dana!
    Really great post! The ascend part makes sense… it’s good for those horse thighs & legs to get a workout climbing a mountain or striding through the forest… just somewhere out in nature 🙂
    I love books and have instinctually done what you suggested for nearly all my life. Usually in a bookstore to get a feel for what book I should buy, but now I will try the university library idea. After a challenging fall, I’m ready to be liberated from the old and expand into the new! Thanks for the creative suggestions.

  4. Beckyjo says:


    You have captured the energy of the moment so eloquently, as usual. My 5th house moon/north node conjoins 4th house saturn in Sadge. Just followed my heart and soul. Took my 15 y.o. daughter from California to Virginia and Washington, D.C. for one amazing jam-packed holiday visit that included family, feasting and touring too. The Pisces sun that squares all my Sadge energy was not allowed to whine or feel guilty. Thank you for further permission to ‘play’ in the Sadge arena. I will start planning our next excursion…

  5. Georgianna says:

    As a Sag, you’ve describe me and my wishes for this New Moon. Thanks!

  6. Hi Dana,
    As a Gemini, react and learn with SAGITARIUS, Asking him with devotion, I start to put my foot in front of other in a more open way. More alive…,, now.
    Acting, I used to do, and my Ascendent in Lion, just where I need Time and Space… I

    Thanks Dana
    As Always
    Maria of Portugal

  7. DAna,
    Thanks for your correct advise, to change life, health, it´s upon to us work for it.
    Never give up, and remembre that my Júpiter is in pisces, VII house.
    Following my feelings, I had already start my home work.

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