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The Practical Moon

Lighting candles and performing rituals is wonderful, but celebrating the Moon with ordinary gestures can be even sweeter and more intimate.

Full Moon Sesame Bath

Everything is juicier and more out-of-control during the Full Moon—which makes this brief massage with sesame oil especially rich and rewarding. It is grounding and beautifying. It’s also an easy way to tune into the Full Moon each month.

Here’s the practice (to be performed on the days before, during, and after the Full Moon): When you’re naked, before entering your bath or shower, have some cold-pressed (untreated) sesame oil available. Massage it on your face with a loving, circular motion, into your scalp too. Rub it on your feet. With nice long strokes take it up your legs. Massage your thighs, belly, curves, and breasts. Rub it into your shoulders, arms and neck.

Leave it on for a few minutes as it absorbs into the skin (I do a few standing yoga postures while I’m waiting, but you could also sing, dance, or drum your fingers). Then step into your daily bath or shower as usual. You won’t need extra soap. As your pores open, the oil is cleansing, detoxifying, and nourishing your body.  Afterwards, as you towel yourself dry, notice the difference in your skin and spirit.

Ayurvedic doctors recommend this as a daily practice. I do it often throughout the month, but I’ve noticed its effects are most pronounced during the Full Moon. Sesame is a hardy plant that grows where little else can grow; it has served mankind for millennia. It’s packed with nutrients; it’s antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Massaging with it helps to increase circulation, calm the nerves, center the mind, soften the skin, tone the muscles, energize the spirit, and bring deeper sleep. The Full Moon multiplies all these benefits.

This is truly a Moon potion as the Moon rules both sesame seeds and your body—which suggests a wonderful contemplation during your practice. Become aware that the Goddess is in the oil—and in the beautiful body that your hands are touching.  Ahhh… what a lovely way to honor the Full Moon.

If you’d like to connect to the Moon throughout the month in greater depth, if you like to journal and/or muse on your place in the celestial scheme of things, you may enjoy my enrolling in my monthly Moon workshop (by snail-mail or email). It’s designed to deepen your relationship with the primary guardians of natural time, the Sun, the Moon, the zodiac, and your inner wise one.

About Dana Gerhardt

A popular columnist with The Mountain Astrologer since 1991, Dana Gerhardt is an internationally respected astrologer. She has lectured extensively and written for astrology publications on several continents. Her ongoing passions are the moon and living the intuitive life. Dana worked for many years in the corporate sector, where she observed the undeniable influence of natural cycles. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles and did graduate work in literature at Columbia University and CSULA. Dana can be contacted by email.


  1. Lovely….I will do this…thanks…..

  2. Shawn Leche says:

    I would like to take tour yearly moon course – I have taken it in the past but it might be helpful in my Wicca two Otow class given by Penczac. Thanks. Shawn

    • Great! I have your enrollment. I’m happy to have you back in the workshop again… the Moon is important to Wiccan practice as well as astrology. I’ll be mailing the next New Moon workbooks at the end of next week.

      • Maria Machado Leite says:

        Thank so much Danna. I´ll get some sezame oil very soon… , I´ m dreaming to take
        a workshop with YOU, I´m so far away, how many waves are between us.
        Tow main problems:
        How- Surgery to the feet, has to be done again
        – Next week, I´ll spend all week in Court to testify, still the building process.

        How difficult is to love our enemies, I´ll promise you, I try to be nice…

  3. Maria Machado Leite says:

    Thanks Dana, on my way I´ll try to follow your advices. My dream is to be enrolled
    in your presence
    As always

  4. Maria Machado Leite says:

    Dana, difficult moments, as my surgery to the feets was a shaw down, anywhay I can
    moove myself… and dream, how is the best way to land in talent?
    Still our problems in Court, next week I´ll spend 3 days to testify.
    I´ll promise to be nice and kind to all my enemies.

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