The Astrology of Bliss

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Need more bliss? Your astrology chart holds the recipe—when you eliminate canned, pre-packaged astrology and find the planets inside yourself. You can use your chart as it was meant to be used—to increase your joy!  Get started with The Bliss Recipe by Dana Gerhardt.
The Bliss Recipe $8.99

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Rediscover why the Sun, Moon, and Venus were once worshiped across the globe.   In this e-workbook by Dana, you’ll learn just enough astronomy to restore your deep intimacy with the sky’s three brightest lights and the architects of your bliss.

The Blissful Sky

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The Bliss Tapes

Unwind daily stress, refresh your spirit, and boost your mood—all while lying in bed! Blending the magic of yogis, tantrikas, and neuroscientists, Dana’s meditation tapes can help you sleep and transform your inner and outer worlds. $20 each/ $45 for all three


Soothes and calms; promotes peace, wellbeing feeling supported, loved and connected.

Healing. Great for busy working mothers and everyone’s inner child. Ideal for insomnia, loneliness, health challenges, and emotional upsets.

Especially yummy on:
Dark Moons


Boosts vitality, optimism, confidence, creativity, self-regard and sense of purpose.

Inspiring. Super nourishing when working on (or seeking the vision for) important projects and goals. Antidote for depression, low self-esteem, and/or boredom.

Especially yummy on:
New Moons


Feeds your prosperity, sensuality, creativity, beauty, and love.

Awakens the inner goddess. Excellent for when you’re manifesting--or for when life loses its color and flow. Antidote for feeling uncreative, unloved, or stuck in scarcity.

Especially yummy on:
Full Moons